Lets talk depression…


Depression is something so unique yet so painful, you never know when it’s going to hit you at full force. You could be laughing and smiling one minute, but the next you feel this overwhelming sense of emptiness take over. I never thought i’d become someone who wanted to end it all, just call it quits on life and say bye.

The reality is i’ve been that person, someone who just wanted to find peace somewhere else and to feel nothing anymore. Depression engulfs you, it takes over your life, controls everything you do and it’s so difficult to stop it. You sleep all day or lie awake motionless, only your eyelids open and close and of course when you do find the courage to get yourself up and out of bed, it hits you again stronger then it ever has.

You feel alone stood in a room full of people, you feel out of place, but yet you still say “i’m okay.” Depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts is something you hide and at the most unexpected moments you can’t hide it anymore, you breakdown…

Depression is something many of us suffer with in silence, as did i. Most people have bad days but having depression makes everyday a bad day. When you find yourself feeling a sense of happiness, you then find yourself sobbing uncontrollably, fighting that voice in your head that says “do it.”

Why is it we ignore depression? we live in a world where we post quotes on facebook about depression, anxiety and suicide but we still treat these words as nonexistent. How can we expect those who feel like they want to end it all, to speak about how they feel if we choose to ignore it. We mention these words on social media but when it comes to truly talking about it we don’t.

Depression kills… and its time to truly talk about it.

Remind yourself it’s okay not to be perfect.




5 thoughts on “Lets talk depression…

  1. Such a spot-on post, Kirsty. I’m sorry you know all too what what the reality is like, too. There needs to be more compassion, more understanding and awareness of what it’s like and how appearances can be deceiving, and more openness to talk about it. xx

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    1. Thank you, people need to be able to speak about it without feeling the need to hide how they feel. I hope one day that can all change xx

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  2. Absolutely agree. We need to talk about it. The more it is acknowledged and accepted as a part of life for many people, the more supportive our society will become. Thank you for sharing this brave post.

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