We all see you but we all deal with you differently. Some can face you without hesitation, but others fear confronting you. Those who fear you give their lives away to you but you take advantage of them.

When facing you, there’s no telling how you’ll make one feel, will you take away the day? or will you allow the feeling of satisfaction to settle. On days where confronting you wasn’t so hard, you still creep behind, you still burden them with your presence. The worst days are the days you destroy them.

You swallow one whole and grasp who they are. They hold back their tears as you slowly shatter them. When their done confronting you, your being still remains.

Because of you some starve themselves to become something you may approve of, but the day of your approval never arrives. Instead this never ending nightmare continues, the outside world slowly begins to become a stranger, this hold you have is greater than any other.

Because of you some allow you to tell them their worth, who they are and how they should feel. You make those who are fearful of you, afraid to show who they truly are.

On days where you tear them apart, they lock themselves away. Too fearful and too afraid to face the judgments of the world, you make them feel like an outcast. They envy those who are not afraid of you, they no longer want you as their burden.

You are their reflection.

Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.