Loving yourself.

Truthfully, i’ve never loved or accepted who i was. For me, social media took over and i’d compare myself to unrealistically beautiful women. I’d obsess and compare the way they looked and how their lives appeared to be more worthy than my own, i would feel like i was never good enough or pretty enough. I’d find myself waking up and having this overwhelming feeling of hatred towards my life and myself.

Loving yourself isn’t just about loving your appearance, loving yourself goes much deeper then that, it’s about believing and truly feeling like you are ENOUGH, accepting the times you were wrong and forgiving yourself for it.

The sad part about not loving yourself, is that you become your own worst enemy, you get into this pattern of putting yourself down or overthinking things you’ve done wrong, without forgiving yourself and allowing yourself to be human. The sad truth is you put so much energy into loving others, that you also forget to love and accept who you are.

On a daily basis i’d wake up and put myself down, even over the smallest of things (i still do), replaying every single moment in my head. On many occasions i’ve forgot i was human and that it’s okay to have flaws.

Theres no easy road to loving yourself, it takes time and energy. You have to go on a journey that takes a huge amount of strength in order to love yourself and to truly live while you’re still alive.

Loving yourself is a massive journey to go on, you have to truly accept how human you are, through the good days and the bad. There will be days where everything is going the way you want it to and the whole world moves with you. Days where you’ll feel like you’re at your highest point but then you’ll have days where the things you’ve put off catch up with you. Days where you have arguments and say things you didn’t mean. There will be times when you loose someone you love so deeply, and you’ll have to go through a whole other journey on its own . Times when you just want to hide away from everything, lock the door and pretend you don’t exist and times when you just want to give up.

Thats okay…

It’s all apart of the journey, being human and allowing yourself to be human. We all go on a journey, a journey thats our own.

For me this journey has just begun, i’ve spent my life hating many different things about myself, but now i choose to go on a journey to loving myself. A journey i know will always follow me. I now vow to not compare myself to others and say goodbye to my friend (not so much) social media, to begin to forgive myself for making mistakes and to truly embrace being human, whist i still can.

I am not beautiful like you, i am beautiful like me.

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  1. Very well written and such an important topic. You’re right, it’s a journey and I see it as a constant work-in-progress. It’s also hard to take our own advice, isn’t it? Keep going on your journey to loving yourself, accepting who you are just as you are, and know that you are most certainly ‘enough’  ♥
    Caz xx

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