A fresh start?

I don’t know what it is but I get in this dark place, It’s a place where I don’t want to say or do anything. No motivation to move or carry out normal day to day tasks. It seems strange for me as I’m normally a very motivated person, but this time It’s different. Job searching has really taken it out of me this month… I don’t know what It is but every job I have an interview for I never feel fits what I’m looking for, but the thing is I don’t actually know what it is I want.

Maybe that’s just it, maybe I need to truly find what my passion is… I know I love writing, but I know right now I wouldn’t even know where to begin to succeed and It seems impossible for me. I’ve currently been looking at jobs as a support worker, but deep down there’s something that’s stopping me.

It’s been a while since I posted on here, but I think It’s time I suck It up a drag myself out of the hole I’ve buried myself in and bring myself back to reality. Depression can really come at the most unexpected moments, here’s to a fresh start and continuing on this crazy journey.

I would love to hear how you’ve all been this past month and what you’ve been up to! 🙂


Maybe It’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe It’s about starting over and creating something better.



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  1. Keep writing, wrote as much as you can, take a writing class, house a job where you write reports … if that’s what you love then do it. It won’t happen o er night but you will get there in the end if you wish it. Good Luck and the dark days bring you closer to the light 🌟

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  2. My last month has been crazy. I kind of got in trouble in work. I was supposed to be off this week and next week, but now I’m going to be off for two more weeks after that as well for coronavirus-related reasons. It is not certain yet whether I’ll have to work from home regarding those two weeks or have things rescheduled for later or what. And it’s supposed to rain all weekend, so I’m scared, because I’ve had problems with my roof not draining properly over the last few years. To my knowledge, everything was fixed last year, but who knows how long it will take for debris to build up somewhere else on the roof.

    I hope your job search is fruitful and productive. Tell them what they want to hear without being dishonest. That’s what I realized right before I interviewed for the job I have now.

    (I can’t be more specific about work, because I don’t say on WordPress what kind of work I do in real life, since that would be a spoiler for stories I’m going to tell in future blog posts.)

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear all of that, I hope you’re taking good care of yourself. I can’t imagine how stressful it is, especially when you’re not sure how your roof will handle the rain, I hope it all works out for the best. I’ve always been a believer that things will work out in the end and I truly hope that’s true for you.

      Thank you so much and I wish you well, hope you begin to feel much better! x

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      1. I know. It will work out. It’s just annoying. I don’t do well with last minute disruptions, especially when I’m stuck in the house with nothing to look forward to and my news feeds are full of angry people condescendingly condemning everyone who dares to go out in public during this time and strangers yelling at me to stand far away from them when I do go out in public.

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      2. I can imagine that’s super frustrating and how rude of people. I get how you feel though I’ve been stuck in my house for a few days now and I feel like an alien to everyone, people can be so rude but you should take pride in knowing you’re not one of those people x

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  3. Not having a passion for something in particular or really knowing what you want to do work-wise is so difficult. Don’t be hard on yourself for that or for being in a bit of a rut with things. Take some time off to do other things, take your mind of it all even just briefly, and work on renewing a little creativity and energy to move forward, to give yourself a bit of that fresh start you might be needing  ♥
    Caz xx

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