Suffering a loss.

I’ve always tried to keep my blog truthful, even when the truth hurts. I want to share my darkest moments to make someone else’s dark moments seem that little bit brighter. Recently, I’ve been going through one of those dark moments.

My nan passed away four days ago. She contracted the coronavirus and whilst, everyone thought she was getting better she passed away in her sleep. For the past four days, I haven’t processed the news, I haven’t cried, I just feel confused. We knew it was a possibility she would pass away, but we were all convinced she had got through it and was on the right track to recovering.

My nan suffered a stroke a few years ago and since then her personality had completely changed and I felt like she had passed away years ago. I wasn’t the best granddaughter, and I should have seen and spoken to her more often. I’ll live with that guilt for the rest of my life.

I hope she passed on knowing I loved her and even though I know she probably knew I love/loved her, I’ll always live with that uncertainty. I was so consumed by grieving for my mom, I forgot to love those who were still here.

Whilst I grieve for my nan, I want to push everyone to stay inside. I never thought this would happen, but it has. It’s not just my nan who has lost her life to this virus, but thousands of other people are losing their lives, so please stay safe.

If you’re like me and you’re now grieving a loss, then please remember you’re not alone.

Please stay safe, keep indoors and spread love.

We will get through this.

The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow.

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    1. Thx for dropping by my blog. 🙏for you and your family for the loss of your Nan. This is definitely a tough time for the universe. I worry a lot for my son in his home with care takers that he has a higher chance of getting ill. He has autism and it’s hard to explain to him . Take care.

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      1. Thank you x

        Sending my prayers and best wishes to you all, I hope your son is okay and I salute him, its extremely difficult for adults at this time but especially someone who has autism. Wishing you all the best x

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  1. I’m really sorry to know about your nan; and you rightly said, nobody is alone in this battle. Hoping for her peaceful rest in heaven. She is always looking upon you so that you are safe. Condolences on her demise and prayers and thoughts with you. Stay home and be safe dear. Have trust in the Almighty and everything else will be taken care of then. K. 🙏🙏❤️❤️🤗🤗

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  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my grandmother a few years ago on Memorial Day so I know how much that hurts. I was comforted by my faith in Jehovah God’s promise to resurrect our loved ones in Paradise (Luke 23:43; John 5:28,29; Psalms 37:10,11). Prayers to you and your family. May you gain strength and comfort to endure this difficult time until God’s promises are realized.

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  3. So sorry to hear of your Nan, Kristy. Loss is never easy especially if you feel like your relationship could have been better. I’ve been down that path too so I can empathize…but I also have the experience of not only being a (difficult) grandchild at times; I have also been a parent and a grandparent. As a grandparent I know enough to hold things lightly with regards to my Kids and grand kids; I don’t take everything to heart. And I’ve lost grandparents, parents and even a child. Things will get better over time…just don’t be too hard on yourself in this moment of time. I’m sure your Nan wouldn’t even be aware of all the feelings you have in your heart right now…just remember the good times…I know, because that’s what grandparents do. ~ Dave

    ps.hope I didn’t overstep my bounds….

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