I’ve never made a post about this before and honestly, I’m pretty scared too, I don’t know why I feel anxious about It. But I’m determined to open up about parts of my life that feel almost impossible to talk about just to raise awareness.

I’m in a relationship with someone who isn’t “my colour.” Maybe I’m just naive, but I have never seen it as a problem. I was led to believe that It didn’t matter, just because our skin is different it doesn’t mean we should be penalised for it and I still stick by that.

Being in a relationship with my partner for three years has shown me things I’ve never seen before. I never imagined I’d walk the streets and enter a restaurant to be made to feel so uncomfortable. People stare, They make you feel like you’re doing something you shouldn’t be. People make comments and forget we’re human, words hurt and when they become so regular It can consume you so much that you feel like you don’t want to walk side by side with the person you love.

Why should anyone be made to feel like they don’t belong because their skin is a different colour? I always imagined the world to be kinder than that.

It’s awful to see what people go through because of people in society labelling one another. If it wasn’t for me being with my partner, I would never have seen what racism can do, I wouldn’t even think about it because I live in a world where my colour is socially acceptable, but when I’m paired with my partner who has more to him than just his colour, suddenly I’m in a world full of hatred.

It’s time to stop hiding the reality we live in. Day by day we hide the things that are deemed unacceptable in society. Suicide, Mental health, Abortion, Racism, money, bullying and so much more. We shouldn’t be ashamed of these things, and we sweep them under the rug in fear of being embarrassed or vulnerable because that’s how we’re made to feel. Topics such as racism are so relevant that the only way to overcome it is to speak up and fight back at it.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are, I’ve lived a life where I’ve felt so pressured to hide who I am, I almost killed myself. Most subjects that are deemed unacceptable are the ones we should be talking about. No one’s perfect, we are all human, all have a story and should be comfortable with who we are.

I admit to letting society’s views on my relationship control how I feel and the things I want to do, I find that just entering a restaurant builds my anxiety up so much that I don’t want to be there. But I want to feel comfortable and be able to hold my partner’s hand without feeling like I’m out of place and so that’s what I’ll do and I won’t let It scare me anymore.

If you experience racism, like my partner. Just know there is nothing wrong with you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter what skin colour you have.

Once again please all stay safe.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter. – Martin Luther King JR.

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  1. Very rightly said. And, this issue isn’t fresh, it’s going on. Before 10 years, I was in UK where I happened to see the so called racism at its peak. Let us hope that the coming generation will rise above all these petty things and bring back equality in this world. Keep reading. K.

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  2. We can stamp out racism, which I know may sound like a ‘give up’ attitude but the reality is people are shaped depending on where they come from, how they are brought up. Across Europe, and in the UK where I live, you just have to see what was going on in top level sport recently. Coloured players, at the highest level, having represented their country getting abuse from opposing, and home club fans. And this is in the public eye so what goes on behind the scenes in remote towns and big cities only one knows.
    Everyone talks about ‘Education’ as a route to eradicating this evil. If in the 21st century you can’t figure out that racism is just plain BAD, then what hope is there. Global media also doesn’t help the cause!

    Keep doing what you are doing, keep the relationship firm and no bad word or phrase will ever move you guys.

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  3. racism is, unfortunately, alive and doing well in the world. humans have this “hatred” of those who are different inside them. through out my life, i have never let the color of ones skin deter me from being with them.

    my current gf is chinese and we get the “look” but im sure it is not only because of a race difference but also the age difference as she is much younger than i.

    try not to let the ignorance of others dictate who you wish to be with. it is not your problem, but theirs.

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  4. You keep doing you, don’t let others get to you and you will find the ppl that love you are there around you always. You cannot change ppl, be strong in your beliefs and choices – be happy – happiness and love will confuse those who do not understand and attract those who do x

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