Am I dying?

My chest becomes tight as I feel my airways clasp onto one another.

My palms are clammy now.

I no longer have control over my body, my mind has taken over.

I shake and tremble.

I can no longer hold my weight instead, I fall to the floor.

My eyes are blurry but I see the stars now.

I have what feels like a rock, lying on top of me.

I’m struggling to breathe even more.

I hear noises in the background, but I can’t make out the words.

I’m no longer shaking, but instead, I feel numb.

Am I dying?

What’s going on?

I’m hyperventilating even more now.

I hear the noises clearer.


And I breath…

If you have panic attacks, know you’re not alone! You will be okay and you will get through this.

I WILL breath. I WILL think of solutions. I WILL NOT let my worries control me. I WILL NOT let my stress levels break me. I WILL simply breath. And it WILL be OKAY because I WON’T quit.

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