To the one who left.

The past few years have been tough, we went through so much, but I never expected you to leave me like you have. I imagined things to be different, and maybe I had unrealistic expectations. I thought we could get through this together and move forward as a family, but we didn’t.

You’ve left me so many broken pieces to pick up and for that, I hold so much anger towards you, but I still need you because you’re all I have left. My heart aches for everything to be back to the way it was, just the three of us again… I knew that it would be hard to get past, but I was always here to help you.

Instead, you left and pretended like everything was okay when it wasn’t.

It’s not just me that needed you, he did too and now I’m left picking up those pieces. The house and everything you left is mine to deal with now… I wanted to grieve and because of you, I’ve never had the chance to heal.

I’ve tried speaking to you, but you never understand so now it’s time for me to let go and move on from all this hurt.

I remember how we used to be, I miss that.

I hope one day you’ll see, but I forgive you. I forgive you because I know how hard these past few years have been and no one deserves to go through what you have. I’ll always be here for you because that’s what she always wanted… us to still be a family.

Yours sincerely… crusty… because that’s what you call me.

We never heal, until we forgive…




20 thoughts on “To the one who left.

  1. This is so sad to read. I wish you were treated better than you were, but you show such courage to move past that and even to forgive this other person, which is not an easy thing to do. I hope that writing this helped in drawing some kind of line underneath what happened and in moving that person away from you a little so they (ie. what they’ve done) won’t hurt you as much any more.xxxxx

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  2. As I read your blog it reminded me of how my marriage ended but for another reason. I am feeling more understanding after reading this blog. Your raw emotions showed through this entire blog. That is a great way to capture readers attention Kirsty Marie. God bless you both.

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      1. Hello Kirsty Yes, I have found some peace in my life. You are very welcome for the words I sent your way. Your blog post was very good. Keep writing what you want or what comes to your mind. Thanks again Kirsty.

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      2. Learning to enjoy life and having fun is good for the soul. I got into creating new stories and poems back in the day. I lost that big black book with full lined pages inside the covers. I would give anything to find it. Just a little bit of facts about my life, Kirsty marie !

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      3. I think yes I will. The time is getting to be the right time to get one before I give up on this idea Kirsty. Any writer should have such a book to write in or they probably do already. I am behind times lol

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      4. if it helps, I don’t have one, but I should probably get one too haha. I normally just find scraps of paper to write down on, it’s probably time to change that now. I think you should definitely get one, it’s something nice to look back on too and when you find your other one you’ll have two, to reminisce on.

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