I’m a stranger in my own skin.

I look to you to give me validation, yet you’re even more detached from me then I anticipated. You don’t capture the real me the way I was made to think you would, my smile, my soul and everything that makes me who I am are lost when I look at you.

For years the hold you had over me left me hollow and broken inside. Hours were wasted as I gave in to your lies. You validated who I was as a person, but my worth is more than just my outer shell.

How do I break free from your captivating lies?


You have to look beyond the mirror to see yourself…




19 thoughts on “I’m a stranger in my own skin.

  1. Don’t depend on others to give you validation. Give it time – you’ll figure it out. Meantime, think of who you are, think of who you want to be, and compare yourself to no one other than you. Be well.

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  2. We are everything we are, and that everything has many parts that need to meld and live together. A hollow shell is never enough. You are wise to adjure the poem’s addressee–and your readers–to go beyond the mirror’s reflection.

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  3. You are stronger than you think Kirsty. You have over come so much and have become a wonderful person with more skills than those others will have. I am proud of you Kirsty. Oh, I also bought a 200 coiled notebook for writing and creating things for my blog. I have not created anything yet. Keep moving forward and keep growing !

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you got the notebook, you’ll have to keep me updated on everything. Everything has been hectic for me so I haven’t yet picked one up, but I’m getting a shop tomorrow so definitely will then! Thank again ❤

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      1. Yes, I am glad I got the note book. It will help for sure. I will keep you updated Kirsty. I like things slow and quiet most of the time. I am happy you are going to get a note book tomorrow. You are welcome ❤


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