The future.

Recently I've been forced to ask myself one question, where is my life going? A month ago I knew who I was and what I wanted, but unfortunately life doesn't always go to plan and those plans you make can sometimes come crashing down, at least that's the truth for me. I've hidden myself away, … Continue reading The future.


Loneliness, where do I begin? I have to admit that it often consumes me, for a while now especially. I know it's something a lot of us feel, ironically we're not alone, but deep inside there's that small part of you that can't help but feel it. It's sad because no one ever deserves to … Continue reading Loneliness.

You were never the enemy, I was.

I have neglected you for so long. Not in just one way, but in many. You keep me here and for that I should be grateful, but why are you so hard to love? From the age of 10, I abandoned you.  The words they told us weren't true. I'm sorry for believing them. I took my pain out on you, you didn't deserve those scars. No one does. I've hated everything about you, and you never turned your back on me. Every pill I swallowed, you fought … Continue reading You were never the enemy, I was.

Late night thoughts.

It's four in the morning as I write this because I can't chase away my thoughts tonight. I've tried so hard to ignore them, as I do most days, but pushing them away is only making them more difficult to run from. I feel lonely, I could be surrounded by nothing but people and still feel lonely. My heart breaks each time I think about myself. Each time I do, I feel an overwhelming sense of failure. I've failed myself. I had this passion, and I wanted to impact people's lives, but I feel like the most forgetful person in the world. I've never belonged, Even when I had friends I always felt like everyone had this hatred against me. I don't have many friends, in fact, I have none. I've always struggled to let people in, but for so long I felt like I didn't belong … Continue reading Late night thoughts.


I've never made a post about this before and honestly, I'm pretty scared too, I don't know why I feel anxious about It. But I'm determined to open up about parts of my life that feel almost impossible to talk about just to raise awareness. I'm in a relationship with someone who isn't "my colour." … Continue reading Racism.