The last memory.

She made plans to see her friend that afternoon, to look around at the german markets and get a coffee for their monthly catch up. Little did she know that would be the last time she would see her mom.

She finally got to see her mom, who had just come home from the hospice and had her stomach drained. She remembers the smile on her moms face, it was so bright it could light up a thousand rooms all at once. Her mom placed her hands on her stomach and patted it with a grin so mischievous you would think she did something she was told not to. Everything that happened in those final moments are a blur to her, but she remembers vividly placing her arms around her mother and giving her the biggest hug, she could feel the warmth surround her. “I love you mom” she said and she said it back.

She ran out the door, oblivious to what would happen as soon as she left the house, that was the last moment she would recall.

She rapidly walked to the train station and walked down the stairs leading to the platform she needed to be on. She felt content, probably the most content she had felt in a long time. The train doors opened and she had arrived, she took one step down and proceeded to catch the escalator up to the coffee shop where she would meet her friend. They ordered their drinks and sat for a while until, her phone rang. She picked up the phone with her heart pounding so hard and her body tensing up with only her arms able to move. She held her breath and answered the call, “we have to go back to the hospice, everything’s fine so don’t worry.” She can’t remember everything that was said, but it eased her just a little bit and so she continued her night without second guessing, but that was the last time she would see her mom…

I want to be open, honest and share everything about my life. The good and the bad, I want share the worst moments of my life and also the best, here’s to the next chapter.

Never waste a moment, It may be the last with someone you love.

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